home is where the pretty is.

Gee, I finally get a little time to myself. It's been pretty crazy here and everytime I turn around i'm being jumped on by kids and made to play princesses or monsters...not that i'm complaining, it's quite nice to be dressed up in sparkly princess clothes that don't fit :)

I have to say though, i'm ready to come home. Up 'til these last few weeks i've been attached to my computer constantly and being without has been really, really difficult. The time away has been nice, but my blog is calling! As is my email inbox... i have a rather ridiculous number of emails waiting for me to open, read and reply to them. I feel really bad that i've let my blogging slip over the last few weeks, but as there was nothing I could do about it I guess i'll just have to live with my bad blogger self until Tuesday when I AM HOME!!!!

But before I land back on English soil, here are some pretties that i just found on weheartit.com

one day, super long hair shall be mine!!!!!

Happy New Year :)



  1. Happy (blogging) New Year x

  2. Don't feel bad, lovely, we blog because we choose to, not because we are compelled to. Sometimes we all need to have a life away from the computer.

    Only, you know, not for too long. Don't think I would last too long. Life without email, or blogs, or word processors, *shudder*

  3. Looking forward to having you back in the blogosphere soon, but glad to hear you've had a lovely time away x

  4. Really cute pictures! I adore Paddington Bear!! I want super long hair too!

  5. I just came across your blog through Green and Pretty. Love it. I've had super long hair, but I ended up looking insane. Tiny face, heaps of hair is not an excellent look.
    By the way, don't feel bad about not blogging for a bit...it's nice to have down time!