Do you know it's snowing?

Well it is and because he's very,very nice, my Mr went out and took some pictures so you could all see. I, by the way, had enough of the snow last night during the looooooooooooooooong drive home and have spent almost the entirety of today trying to warm up again. So when my Mr asked if I wanted to go with him, he didn't get an answer, just a glare of utter disgust that he would assume I would even consider being cold ever again. I'm not usually this much of a snow-scrooge, trust me...i'm just in a big snowy grump.

(a possible route into Narnia?)

I think my Mr knows I have a love of trees :) and the idea of magical lands. Of course, I had to remove all the pictures he took of his bike and himself. That boy is worse than I am!

This week is going to be productive. There. I said it. It WILL be productive and here's my list...

1. find a job (eek!)
2. research keeping alpachas (why I hear you cry!)
3. contact the Prince's Trust
4. finish Clair's special treat
5. plan the giveaway, oh yeah!
6. run. every. single. day. (or at least once this week...)

Cuckoo to the new followers.



  1. The pics are beautiful! We're supposed to get a snowstorm tonight and tomorrow!!! Stay warm & cozy!!! xo

  2. Oh! Too much to comment on in one breath.

    First, your mister has a good eye for a photograph (at least, the snowy tree ones look good!)

    Second, a special treat? {Big Cheesy Grin!}

    Third, your commitment to running sounds very familiar. Hmmmm.....

    Glad you're home x

  3. Love the pictures its beautiful!

    Stay warm my dear :)

  4. I like the possible passage to Narnia. Great photos! I have to ask, what is the Prince's Trust?

  5. But it's just soooo perty (she says, relaxing in the balmy evening of an Aussie summers day). Hope you managed to defrost.

  6. Cindy: The Prince's Trust is a charity set up by Prince Charles to help young people set up their own businesses and make a new start for themselves. They really are fantastic!