Fashion Forward: Dear Santa #1

I'm feeling Christmasy. Yes, this means you must all run and hide because if you see me out on the street i am likely to run up to you and sing Christmas carols in your ear until your only sensible course of action is to use your  initiative and sing back to me. Then we can twirl, hand in hand, around in the snow.

"Deck the halls with boughs of holly! Fa la la la la, la la la laaaaaaaa!"

My official picks this Monday are Christmas party related. I love wearing dresses for the party season, but unless you live somewhere unbelievably sunny and warm, then your legs are probably never going to forgive you.  So this sweetheart of a dress should be teamed with some really thick black tights and maybe even a longer sleeved shrug to keep away the shivers. Of course the good thing about the cold is that I can slip my feet in to those "one-size-to-small" shoes and not have much pain until the next's worth it!

Items in this set:
Metallic Twist Back Tunic, 30 GBP
Velvet Ribbon Shrug, 40 GBP
Pamela Love Eagle Claw Bronze Necklace
FFFFOUND! | Dropular : Media Bookmarking

I am absolutely NOT suggesting you go out a spend 584 Great British Pounds on a pair of shoes, especially if they are too small, but...a girl can dream :) What would you spend the money on? Pop the link to your FF post in the box below! (Not sure what to do? Have a read of our guidelines.)

EDIT: Sorry it's up late. I had this post scheduled for early this morning and then had to take a little kitty to the vets so i didn't notice it hadn't posted. 



  1. Those may be the hottest shoes I've ever seen. Good thing they'll cost me a mortgage payment at about $1,000! Grrrrr.

  2. I love this outfit! The dress is awesome and the shoes are amazing.

  3. Oh I adore that dress, truly I do!!!!

  4. that is one great dress and those shoes Hot girl Hot!


  5. Please bring some of your Christmas spirit my way! Love this party attire. I want to dress up for festivities!

  6. Gah! Just realised I hadn't left you a comment after popping over to Polyvore to look at your set in more detail. Loving the dress - and the heels are swoonsome. Might not fit in your stocking though :)

  7. That dress is so beautiful and it goes well with the shrug :)

  8. Great dress! I'm quite fond. :)