knit stitch sew

Gee, i never realised hand-making my Christmas could be so much fun. Here's my todo list...

-two cowls, one pink and one purple, for my little nieces
-a pair of gloves for a boy who will only wear camouflage colours
-a baby blanket for the sweetest baby girl in the world
-some christmas stockings
-lots of man scarves
-diary/notebook covers

...and maybe more! Pictures coming soon :D Anaconda. He lives on the top of a radiator and my mummy made him a VERY long time ago.

My older brother has asked me to fix him since there's a big rip in his side and cut up strips of old pairs of tights are spilling out :( Poor Anaconda. He will be in my make shift doll/toy hospital for a little fix up and then will go to my brother's new house and live in the game room.


P.S.  you may be wondering what happened to the flash on my camera. Yep, me too.


  1. I think I'll end up 'hand-making' my presents this year as well. Gonna go on a bit of an inspiration search this weekend and come up with a new crafty 'to-do'.

    Hope Anaconda pulls through :)

  2. I love your hand-made Christmas list! Your friends and family are going to be so happy when they open their gifts.

  3. I love hand-made Christmas gifts and decorations! Your list is amazing! I hope Anaconda makes it through OK!