ballet shoes <3

i know, i know. Don't say it. I've been utterly pants at blogging these last few weeks. Sorry, i will be a better blogger, i promise :)

This last week my brother (almost 30) finally moved out of Dad's house and guess who was around to help carry  very large heavy boxes. The house him and his girlfriend have bought is beautiful and every time i walk through the door i get a little pang of jealousy. It must be nice to own a place where you can decorate it how you want, i think my house would be excessively poor Mr!

Oh! And i came across my old dance bag...full of ballet shoes, leotards and leg warmers.

I haven't danced for about 5 years now; i think it might be time to start again. I used to love going to ballet class every week and some of my closest friends are girls i danced with from a very young age.

aww that picture reminds me so much of the shows we used to do together :)

...and a still from my favourite film, The Red Shoes. Gah, i can't believe i still don't have that movie on DVD!


P.S. I'm hand-making my Christmas! Yay!


  1. I scorned ballet when I was younger (I'm not the most disciplined of peeps) but I'd love to have the grace that does with it. You should totally go back. Not that you need additional grace or discipline, you understand? x

  2. Gorgeous pics!
    I was always a little envious of girls whose parents put them in ballet classes, as a kid:) My greatest ambition was to prance around in a puffy tutu skirt and ballet shoes!

  3. What beautiful ballet shoes! Sometimes I regret not taking dance lessons when I was younger. I'm always in awe of people who have the grace and body-awareness required by dance.

  4. *Gasp!* The Red Shoes! I love love love that film. Really.

  5. ooh, i totally know how you feel about the house thing, and mine would be soo incredibly girly too! haha
    i wanna do dance again =/
    you should start it again!

  6. These photos are stunning! Ballet is so magical, I always wanted to be a ballerina. :o)
    I'm adding The Red Shoes to my "must watch" list.

  7. Beautiful photographs!

    I always wanted to do ballet so I never owned a pair of balled shoes. I have been thinking about buying some just to hang up in my room so seeing these picture has inspired me to do just that!

    Lovely blog :)


  8. That black and white photo is wonderful, it does bring back memories of waiting in the wings doesn't it. *Sigh* Petal will start dance classes next year, so exciting.

  9. I just quit dancing and I have a hole in my heart. LOVE your dance pictures, makes me miss it all:)