words are art

Could I have had a more productive day today? I think not.

On my to do list were...

- write knitting patterns
- design new embroidery patterns
- cut up old duvet covers to make squares

and boy did those squares take a long time. I'm still not finished! I have my mind set on embroidering them with lines of a poem i'm going to write and then i'll make them in to a big snuggly quilt. What a huge project to set out on! One of my total loves are art/craft that include words. Oh my, here's a question for you... how much do I adore FreyaArt on etsy? Answer: A LOT!

Seriously wonderful <3

Ooo and i thought i'd share what's fast becoming one of my favourite blogs; paperclouds and knitted grass. Go for pretty pictures complemented by beautiful words and the odd haunting melody. Every time I go, I come back inspired. love love love Helena!

Have a lovely tomorrow


PS i wish i could share the things i'm working on with you, but my camera is with my Mr and my webcam just wouldn't do them justice. Only the best will do :)


  1. Well I would rather see :P but it all sounds fabulous!! Beautiful word art...

  2. Thank you so much
    I love love your blog so it means so much to me that you enjoy browsing through mine
    Wonderful words, adore the second one :)

    have a lovely day


  3. Ooo.. I love those posters! Very cute:)

  4. EMBROIDERY PATTERNS? oh myyyyy. yessssssssss... yayayayayayayayay! <3

  5. You always find the best websites! I love the art...I love the blog you mentioned. I never leave your blog without looking at another website or subscribing to a blog. Thanks for broadening my horizons :)

    By the way, your blog is looking very nice. I adore the new layout!


  6. i love those pictures.
    they're so cute!

  7. these pictures are great, I love the one about the adventurous bird inside, sooo true! :P keep posting :)