sleepless organisation

Is it just me or are reporter style notebooks just awesome. For some reason I can’t get enough; they are the only kind of note paper I ever pay attention to. If my lecture notes were ever written on anything else, that was it! No learning would occur and I would never look at them again…straight in the bin! I own sooooo many and, surprisingly one hadn’t been used at all. So in an attempt at being organised in the run up to my etsy selling frenzy; I’m being ultra sensible and making lists, setting myself goals and doodling.

Don’t you find doodling really therapeutic? I love it! Every time a new notebook is needed the first thing I must do is customise the little dear. My new notebook is crazy cute with biro scribbles and handwritten wordies. <3<3<3

Etsy selling is keeping me up late tonight. Just the thought of it! Oooo and since my brother always does his green thing and switches the interweb off when he goes to bed; I’m writing this in Word at 1:12 am… No sleep for me tonight. I think I’ve had a bit too much tea today.

Can’t wait to get up, post this and have breakfast whilst watching BuckHollywood. So funny; so nice. 10 points for niceness!

polka dot pajamo's!


  1. Etsy dreams have a way of keeping you up at night, don't they? x

  2. So... this is SUCH a clever post & you have the most gorgeously brilliant site here. It's all perfect !

    I had to stop by to leave this comment for you – and to say hello of course ! Thank you for sharing it all and have a great Sunday....

  3. aaaw, look how cute! i totally know what you're saying about notebooks. i got into this whole thing in my last few years of college and they HAD to be just so! notebooks are addicting :)

  4. i do the same things with my notebooks! the pen comes out and hearts and swirls and bubbles and dots and all that adorns my bookies. :) doodle is my baby girl's nick name, too! ;)

  5. haha i'm really fussy about the paper i write on aswell
    the flow of the pen on paper has to be smooth
    it has to be narrow ruled
    dark lines but not too dark, not blue lines...and so on
    i used to drive my mum crazy when i sent her on paper stock ups hehe