Daisybear headband <3

Won't someone please help me, I'm falling for making things! Whipped up this little darling last evening inbetween scalding myself with hot chocolate and pretending to sing like a star with a hairbrush. Inspired by RVAs special crochet headband and sunnyrising's stunning peacock necklace.
Complete with vintage buttons!


  1. You could so be an RVA girl. That headband rocks and you're totally cute enough to take over the world :)

  2. I love Pimms. No lemonade? Have you got Ginger Beer? Tonic? They're good too :) Get the drinks ready and we'll have a party next weekend x

  3. So cute! I look sooo silly in headbandlol I think its the long hair - you have that cute hippy gal look!