So i'm up late(not so late in the States, what is it over there? Midday?!), just doing some thinking and wearing my newly crafted hat. I'm a bit skewed today; I got the marks back for my dissertation and although I did well, I didn't get as higher marks as I would have liked. Today has been a little negative and perhaps there really is no need for it. In an attempt to have a positive attitude, here are five things from the past week that I am thankful for.

1. My Mr getting some work.
2. That it rained really hard today, in straight lines.
3. Getting the chance to resubmit my CV for a job I really want.
4. The fishtys surviving while I was away.
5. Being at home again.

That took a while! Sitting here trying to figure out how I can create my own work/job. Thought about selling handmade things, but I think i'll think on that some more before I decide what to do. *sigh* Any who. I guess it's nighty night from me.

Until tomorrow crafties.


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