Buttons, buttons everywhere.

This is a serious button crisis. I have two boxes of buttons and nothing to use them for. Although I knit, I'm no where near the stage of making a button up cardi: I can barely sit still long enough to knit a scarf. Someone suggested making fabric dolls and using the buttons as decoration. Any other suggestions for button usage? I'd love to use them for something special but if I keep them much longer I'll be swimming in them.


  1. I love buttons, I don't know why but I do. Why don't you line them up and and glue them to something and frame them? If they are special or old then at least you could see them on the wall. I've got a 5 yr old so she's constantly gluing them everywhere! UGH!

  2. Become a pearly queen???? Thanks for the kind comment on my blog x

  3. Can you make knitted/fabric/whatever cuffs/bracelets? They can't take as long to make as a sweater...

    Also using them for jewelry is fun. Or to decorate a shirt/skirt/pants/shoes/whatever from the thrift store...or hey, send some to me! :)