The never ending book cover

Ahhh...The elusive book cover that is yet to be finished. It's one of those quick knits that never gets done. Normally I'd blame it on not having enough time what all the writing I'm working on at the moment but that's not it. I have had time. There's time at the end of everyday before I go to sleep and still nothing happens. I must have lost the momentum for this pattern plus I have really cheap yarn and it's horrible to work with. It's this cheap stuff I picked up a few years back at a discount store. Maybe next time I won't be so thrifty.


  1. You're knitting a book cover? That's pretty cool!
    Ah I'll be the first (not) to queue for the new Davey Jones album! :)

  2. Why not just knit a book cover for a really small book, therefore saving on both time and yarn. I'm sure any small book would appreciate and equally small cover.