Inside on a rainy day.

It's been a day stuck inside the apartment so I've entertained myself by watching the final episode of Being Erica (ob-sessed with that show!) and looking for new blogs to read. What's a rainy day without taking silly photos on your phone?! I'm getting a bit excited over Instagram coming to Android phones. I use Vignette at the moment which is good but I love that Instagram is connected to it's own sharing site. I just hope they hurry up we've been waiting forever!

During my internet travels I came across the site ThoughCatalog and found this funny video. I say all these things! *cringe*

"Did I lock the door? ..........YES."

Consider my day filled. 

What do you like to do on a rainy day in?


  1. i laughed so hard at that video! i laughed especially hard when i saw the "did i lock the door" because my boyfriend actually asks this obsessively. he's gone back to his workplace more than once to check to make sure he locked the door...meanwhile, he always does! haha.

  2. Haha! My boyfriend gets so fed up of me asking if he's locked the door. I forgot to lock it once so now I'm obsessed!

  3. Rainy day in = clean desk; watch Gap Yah a HUNDRED times (; clip bunny's toenails, on the bed, so that they go EVERYWHERE; and make some soup. (soup-making was after toenail clipping, I should add)

  4. Good luck to your husband finding bunny's toenail clippings in bed!