Back a bit...Back a bit more.

Talk about a blast from the past! I just logged in to my Polyvore account after a very long hiatus and instantly I am in love again. It's cold as cold can be here so I thought I'd re-share some of my cosy winter faves from Fashion Forward's past. Those were the days! Me, Clair and the rest of the gang picking our most loved fashion each week...
i'd chose you

i heart comfort

lets not over complicate things...


I'm in shock that this was two years ago. Wow. Where has all the time gone?! I shall deliberate on this while I wait for it to snow. Come on clouds, let go of the fluff!


  1. I love your style! Especially the bell bottoms - I'm planning to treat myself to some with Christmas money! Thanks for the follow!

  2. Meghan: Thank you! I love bell bottoms but went more to the cigarette cut jean for a while, now I want to switch back and I can't find any that fit. I found a gorgeous pair a few weeks back but they were too short in the leg. That's the trouble with being a tall girl. Good luck with your bell bottom search!