Shell study.

I pick up shells when I go to the shore and I follow the same steps each time.

1. Pick up all the shells or pebbles that interest you.

2. Sit crossed-legged  on the sand (very important) and sort through the pile, making two catagories: Maybe and No.

3. Discard the No pile.

4. Take another look through the Maybe's and only pick out the prettiest, most interesting shells or pebbles.

5. Make up your mind. You are only allowed to take one home to add to your collection. 

6. Go home, put the new shell in your jar and wonder about all the ones you had to leave behind.


  1. Lovely post and like the new layout, I never manage to settle on just one shell though!xx

  2. I love this post.. it reminds me so much of myself - except that I can never decide on just one! Boyfriend makes fun of me for having rocks and shells in all my jacket pockets haha :)