Hey bloggeroos.

I have come up with three new regular features to keep a sort of structure around my otherwise completely random blogging! I made a pact with myself months ago, that I would only blog from the heart and completely unplanned. The straight from the heart still stands, but I think I need a little scaffolding to cling to, although the written part of my posts will probably still get done in 10 minutes flat! I'm imprompto like that :D

a) 10 weeks 10 artists: Music to live by- My Spring soundtrack (Every Wednesday, starting tomorrow! Make sure you check it out.)

b) 52 (The weekly version of 365!) Message in a bottle. Perhaps this is a good excuse to collect wine bottles :P 

c) A weekly vlog reading of the Grimm's fairytales. There are 210 stories so that should keep me going for a while.

What do you think? I'm really excited about the Spring music list, as I love discovering new bands. If there's anyone you're loving at the moment then leave me a link to their myspace or just tell me their name in the comments. Eee exciting! 

As always, I think you're awesome. xo

P.S You can now subscribe via email, just have a look in the sidebar. (Diana from Our.City.Lights finally convinced me!)


  1. I look forward to the music lists. Sounds like you have some fun content coming our way. :-)

  2. First of all, I like being referred to as bloggeroo. Reminds me of a musketeer somehow? The music series sounds exciting and I'm sure your vlogs will be just charming.

  3. Ah, miss! We're far too alike. Nothing for ages then all at once :)

    Loving the idea of vlogs. You're so cute in your photos and in your tweets, that I'm sure they'll be fantastic.

    Clair x

    PS. Also loving that I finally found out where Courtney went!

  4. Fairy tales?! Love that idea! I was just thinking about something like this the other night. Glad to see there is someone out there doing it!