I wonder what 2011 will bring

(photo taken with my own fair hands.)

At New Years we always make resolutions that we usually don't stick to so I have no goals to reach this year. Instead I am continuing to work on my 30 things list of stuff that I really want to do and I'm making time to focus on art in what ever form it might show up in. I neglect you far too much, creativity. 

I've just come back from my lil' Christmas holiday in the countryside, just my bf and I in a campervan for a week has been bliss. Not looking forward to returning to work tomorrow, but it's got to be done! We've spent most of the time being all creative, my man with his guitar and me with my pointy sticks, designing things. Things like this sweet little bag...

Howard the owl says hi, btw.

I want it to sit across the body with a hemp braided strap, just got to find some twine to finish it off. 

Happy New Year, little ones.

(There'll be some pics up later from the hiking that i've done in the last few months. Check it.)


  1. What a beautiful bag! Love the owl too, very cute. A week in a campervan sounds like heaven. I'm off to look at your photos. Happy New Year!

  2. Loving all of your photographs and agreeing with Howard when he says that you should take more x