Good morning, campers.

You know I love camping, whether it's in our little campervan or wild in a poky tent. I just wish it were as magical as these pictures make it  seem...or maybe I'm just doing it wrong! (Who am I kidding, it's always magical.)

And I'm loving the styling of Tay Tay's new video for Back To December...

I'm looking for inspiration to look at later on today so if you're passing, pop you're blog link or etsy shop in the comments. I'd love to see what you are up to.

Love love love


  1. Seeing as how you love camping - do you know the work of Dre Wapenaar: Plenty of inspiration there for you!

    As for me - I'm mostly stitching collages for my etsy: and art journaling on my blog.

    Have a great Friday!

  2. Oh that patchwork tent is adorable. Can I move into it? Of course I might have to live in a warmer climate for that - tent camping and half a foot of snow don't really blend well. Happy Weekend, Katherine!

  3. you know, i have never been camping. ever. and i don't think i will ever have a desire to. i think it's something you had to have enjoyed as a kid to really appreciate. and i'm such a city girl. although, lately i am longing to be outdoors. maybe i haven't been camping b/c tx is hot and ugly! lol.

    i've been trying to stay busy photographing lately. it's been a struggle lately thanks to work. but i think i've finally had enough! i'm gonna work on my art no matter what. :]