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(someone credited this to the tumblr home page...if you know whose work it is let me know <3)

Oh holy  moly, it's getting frosty here in Wales. My car was completely frozen when I left for work this morning. Yes you did read correctly. I have a job! Have I already told you that? Ah well, it's worth shouting  from the rooftops! Don't get too excited, it's not dream job material, but a job is a job.  Let's all jump up and down in unison.

I'm using my spare time more carefully now I don't have much of it left. Hopefully I'll be blogging more often now i've got a usb keyboard for my laptop. Yes, guys. My laptop is royally frakked. The upside of the situation is that I can sit on my bed with the laptop half way down it and me curled up all cosy with the keyboard, typing away without worrying that i'm going to burn the skin off my thighs or set fire to the bedspread...the latter has never happened but you never can tell.

This week i'm planning on catching up with my bedtime reading. First to finish is Stephen Fry's new autobiography, then Eat Pray Love, and after all that i'll start the monster of a book called Beginning HTML, XHTML, CSS and Javascript. 

Ignore the dozy look in my eye! Looks like it'll be good bedtime reading, sending me right off to sleep :P

What's on your bedtime reading list?


EDIT: full of typos today...blame it on the new keyboard :$


  1. Congratulations on your job!! Hmmm, my bedtime reading has recently consisted of working through a book on essential oils - there are remedies for everything under the sun, it's amazing!

  2. i hate waking up to frost on my car! - i watch tv before bed - i really should read - i got 2 new books last week haven't cracked em' open yet tho

    *kiss kiss*

    PS - spreading the word - come one come all and
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