Settle down, tired heart

I'm one of those people who like to know precisely what is going to happen prior to it actually happening. Of course, this is mostly impossible, but a little warning makes me feel more comfortable with change. You'll remember that it wasn't long ago that my Mister and I moved to Wales for his work, but we've quickly realised that the chances of me finding work here are slim to none. London has been placed in a jam jar and set out on the table for discussion several times. While London is...nice to visit...ish, I'm not sure if I want to live there.

Even just thinking about London makes me think of negative things. Time to change my mindset. If it is a possibility that I might move there I have to see the good side of the place. Good things about London...Good things about London...Good things...

1. Culture- All the things I love are there: Art, shows, music, vintage!
2. Creative people- I'd probably fit in quite well...'cause i'm a bit weird...

And that's all I got folks. Someone help me fall in love with London, please!



  1. I know what it's like to be unsettled - hang in there! Thinking happy, positive thoughts for you and your mister. I've never been to London, but friends have studied abroad there and absolutely loved it. I'm sure you'd find your niche there, and maybe holidays out of the city would be even more fun? Either way, best of luck sorting it all out and happy (almost) weekend!

  2. It's not great, feeling unsettled. But then I think it makes you appreciate the times when you are calmer...