Little Red in the forest of tree pencils

Looking a little sinister there aren't I? Those colouring pencils just smelled so good it reminded me of Little Red, wandering through the forest, not realising the crazy haired wolf was about to pounce. Tree pencils. Love them. My mister bought them for me 'cause I did the whole cute face thing..."If I don't own these I'm going to cry"...Yeah, you know the face.

During my daily tweet beat, I discovered Gabrielle of The Green Gal blog has had one of her pretty bunting bags featured in Red magazine. This is cool. Wait... Extremely cool. Waaaaaaaaay cool. Congratulations :)

Woke up this morning with wild hair going on, but I figure, hey it goes with my sinister, tree pencil sniffing, mindset. Wild hair rules. Ch-ch-check it...

Big hair!

Now, on to getting some work done. Sinister face, over and out.



  1. Those pencils are amazing! Where did they come from!? And that is a BIG congrats to your pal!

  2. Love, love the last photograph. Very cutex

  3. Thank you so much for the mention and congrats, it's v v lovely of you! x