Current Obsessions: Braids

Yeah, you know it. I'm obsessed. All this week i've been rocking a braid across the front of my hair on one side. For years i've tried to do french braids and failed miserably. Suddenly I can do it...JUST. It's the same rush I got when I practiced basic plaits on my Sindy doll and finally got it! Eeee. This is great! The best part is that on Saturday I'm in a wedding and the bridesmaids are having a braid incorporated into the hair. I am THE most excitable bunny you can imagine right now. Hop hop :)

If you're wondering why i'm in such a hoppy/happy mood, I have a job interview on Monday! Not my dream job, but it's a job! A job! An actual job that will pay me money to do stuff. An actual job that will allow me to pay for real internet. A real job that will let me buy awesome clothes! Hurrah!

XOXOXOXOXOXO (you get extra kissy-huggs today.)

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  1. Oooh, good luck with the wedding and the job interview. I'll be busy crossing fingers for you x