Clock Week

This week has suddenly become clock week and I am obviously beginning to show my obsessive colours. I don't have many collections. I had quite a few china ornaments as a child and the usual toy collection, but I wouldn't say i've collected stuff since.

I hear my family scoffing at that last sentence. Apparently I hoard things. It's completely untrue.

Just don't open the wardrobe at my dad's house. It may or may not be stuffed full of things I might need one day. And don't go in the attic. It's jam packed with lions and tigers and plastic teapots, oh my!

It seems I have a tough time letting go.

I have to let go of this because I never had it in the first place.


Update: Clair reminds me that I have jars full of teddy bear eyes in a cupboard...I also have teddy bear noses. ...shhhh


  1. if i had it, i certainly wouldn't let it go.

  2. What about that collection of teddy bear eyes? I think you know what I'm talking about....hoarder!

    Though it takes one to know one. Obviously! x

  3. Ah, I think that's the worst. I think I could open up a shop of junk I don't need but had to have, starting with Hello kItty!