I'm in Wales and seriously considering quitting my job. Don't worry it's not like it's a full time thing; I make enough to cover food each week...just! It just doesn't really work. Of course if I do quit and move here then I need a to find another job. I can't expect my Mister to keep me. So here I am searching the job sites using my mobile phone internet. It's really frakking slow!

And that's my new desktop background. A little iphone inspiration never hurt right? 

My lime green birthday hat has been started, restarted and started again. I think i've got my pattern right this time aaaand i'm doing cool cables on it. It's nearly done, in fact i'll probably finish it tonight, so i'll put up some pics later.

There wasn't that much point in this post I just felt like saying hola :)


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  1. Hola! That phone is really tempting. Mine is clunky and old, but I refuse to get a new one until this one kicks the bucket. Best of luck with your job search, and have a lovely weekend!