My girls, you're just like the heavens.

I'm feeling the pull of the vintage today. However i'm not dressed in vintage. Seriously, if only you could see me in my leggings with a huge baggy jumper...not the height of style today, ladies! But it's the thought that counts right? 

Be prepared to drool over these beauties <3

Maxi-dresses from LoveLune

Cute mini and abstract cardie, both from sheHEARTSvintage

Thanks for all your sweet comments, you really do keep me going. Love y'all! 



  1. Gee I sounded really American at the end. Completely unintentional. I hope that I won't be thrown out of the country by my fellow Brits. :P

  2. Yo homie! Lovin' your retro stylin :)

  3. Haha thanks! Kinda really falling for that cardi. It looks so cosy <3

  4. I love that Maxi dress espec the first one my kind of style x

  5. I love the maxi dresses! I'm trying to be brave enough to wear my ever growing collection of vintage clothes more often - it's all too normal for me to fall into the sweater and jeans routine, especially when the weather is gray.