Inspire me with... the stars

The Seekonk Woods
by Galway Kinnell
(This is the last part; you can read the whole poem here.)

I want to crawl face down in the fields
and graze on the wild strawberries, my clothes
stained pink, even for seven years
if I must, if they exist. I want to lie out
on my back under the thousand stars and think
my way back up among them, through them,
and a little distance past them, and attain
a moment of absolute ignorance,
if I can, if human mentality lets us.
I have always intended to live forever;
but not until now, to live now. The moment
I have done one or the other, I here by swear,
no one will have to drag me, I'll come
but never will I agree to burn my words.


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  1. What a fantastic poem. I'm so glad that you shared that - loving it! x