Do you know where I am? Me neither.

So you may or may not have noticed that i've been ever so slightly missing these past few weeks...

I kind of ran out of things to say...

Right now I have an eyelash in my eye... I am, bringing you the most important news from my life. Just kidding! There's been exciting things happening:

1. My Mister started his new job. Hoorah! Silly recession can stop knocking at our door now.

2. I finally decided what type of career I want. Web design. It's something that i've found interesting since I started this whole wonderful blogging journey and I really would like to work to learn more. 

So yeah. I'm back my little flowers :) and to celebrate my back-ness here are some of my favourite songs.



  1. YAAAAAY! :D
    i quite enjoyed this post :) we've missed you girl!! hopefully you'll get back to posting regularly :)
    congrats on your Mister starting his new job & on you deciding what you want to do! web design actually sounds pretty amazing :)

  2. I totally noticed that you were missing! Glad to hear your back and congrats to your mister :)

  3. yay!!!! i'm so glad you're back! i missed having your posts to look forward to =] also, you have absolutely awesome taste in music.

  4. So nice to see you back! Congratulations to you and your Mister - it sounds like great things are in store for the both of you.

  5. I have been missing you muchly. Hope life is now much improved (and said eyelash has been removed!)

    Love x