Cupcakes, anyone?

Birthday cupcakes <3

The little Hoots who shared my tea party.

I've had a lovely birthday. Grandma cooked me lunch and I had cupcakes and tea on the lawn with just me, myself and the Hoots, and a spot of knitting (a lime slouch hat). Somehow though I've ended up in a dilemma, a fashion one. Next week i'm going out for birthday crazies with my best friends and I face the eternal girly dilemma...nothing to wear. I can't afford a new outfit so i'm challenging myself to make my own. I've just downed a cup of coffee and i'm surrounded by old clothes that could be cut up and reworked, but I need some inspiration. Help! Inspire me girlies!

Thanks for the birthday messages :D


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  1. awwwwww yaaay! glad to hear you had a lovely birthday!!
    really adorable photos, they made me smile :)
    eek, that's basically the worst type of dilemma! i'm sure anything you could make would be gorgeous :) go for a dress or something! would love to see how it turns out :)
    happy birthday hun :) xx