Bring me sunshine; bring me rockstar tunes.

Well today was a little gloomy down here, but nothing is going to dull my happy. My Mister and I have a flat and we're moving in tomorrow! Woop! I can't officially move in until I find a job in the area, but it's a start and in case I haven't already mentioned...I'm super excited :D 

So, my little chickpeas, I need your help to compile the playlist for my journey to Wales. It's short notice, but if you happen to be passing by the blog tonight, just pop your favourite song into the comments below. I want to take you all with me on my trip! Can't wait to find out what i'm going to be listening to.



  1. Hehe I have lots of faves! but the "me & my mister" song on my playlist is Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars :-)

  2. You're going to have no excuse not to visit - since you'll now be closer.

    And how about a bit of Faithless on the ol' playlist?

  3. aww yay! i'm glad to hear about you two finding a place to live :) best wishes on finding a job hun!!
    hmmm, well my favorite song of all time is Closer by Kings of Leon, so that i suppose! and how about Heartbreak Warfare & Assassin both by John Mayer, and Michael Buble's new album ♥
    i hope you enjoy a bit of my taste in music :)