hello world.

I am tangled up in balls of wool, which is all to do with my etsy...excitin's!  I had forgotten how long it takes to knit an entire scarf to my specifications (wide and extremely long) but it's going to turn out super awesome so i think can handle hand ache for the rest of my life just for this :) Oh and my camera reappeared yesterday so i'm getting it all charged up and ready to take a few pics of a head band I whipped up last weekend and maybe tomorrow i'll give you a peek at the new wool in the wicker basket too. Doesn't the wicker basket need a name? I feel like it needs some dramatic announcement or something like "The Wicker Basket of Dooooom" *insert devastatingly dramatic voice here* ...maybe not, although it is where all the wool I own goes to die.

Also playing on my mind is my "career". I don't have one. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, all I know is it should be something interesting. I feel like I have my hand in so many different pots:

*childcare (fully trained and fantabulous with kids, but my heart isn't in it any more)
*making stuff
*professional caravan cleaner extraordinaire (oh yeah!)

Hell, I have no clue. So answer me this, how did you decide on a career path? And what did you choose? Please tell me your stories, inspire me, or not. Seriously, i'm really interested to know and plus it would help me out a lot :)

Geese and ciabatta, that just poured out of me like there would be no end! Ramble, ramble; blog, blog. Pics tomorrow.


PS. I just rediscovered Amy Studt <3


  1. I don't see why you have to choose just one of those occupations, you could do all of them! Or if four different jobs is spreading yourself too thin how about taking a part-time childcare job to pay the bills while you get creative fulfillment from writing and/or making things?

  2. I'm thinking and as soon as I get my head around things this weekend, I'll write you a proper e-mail. In the meantime, I'm so looking forward to your etsy x

  3. Knitting is so much more time involved then crochet isn't it? but you can't beat that look.....can't wait to see what your coming up with...

    And as far as the career front afraid I can't help since I am in exactly the same boat...