Oh. Just put me in a jar with some glitter and i'll entertain myself.

You know what would be awesome? If there was a virtual reality system that meant I could walk around in Tim Burton's Wonderland/Underland for a day or two. They really should get on that 'cause I'm getting a little antsy about it.

Alice, by the way, was wonderful and I really enjoyed it. I know a lot of people were disappointed by it, but expectations were so sky high that it was never going to live up to everyone's expectations. I thought about the film for the entire hour long drive home and the Mad Hatter was on my mind. I guess I was kind of in awe of the way I suddenly felt for a character i'd actually found quite frightening before. In every other version I've seen or read he's some crazy loon who has no real depth or character other than the fact he's absolutely bonkers.

I've been enjoying having the house to myself this week; there have been no parties, I promise. It's actually been a little boring, but boring's good... Sometimes I like boring. I've just kind of sat here implanting wool into my doll's head, organised my wardrobe, gone fishing/ surfing with my mister, and begun concocting my master plan to change the world for the better.

What does my master plan involve? Possibly learning html and web design...not that it would make the world a better place, but it would mean my twitter followers wouldn't have to put up with an insane cowboy style commentary of my quest to rid myself of a cold.

Do you know of any good html/css tutorials? Or even an online course. I just want to learn something new. I hate the idea that now i'm out of uni i'm not really learning anymore. Teach me, Blogosphere!

And to end my longer than usual ramble, I leave you with some eyecandy from weheartit that inspired me this week.



  1. i still have to see Alice in Wonderland! it looks soo wonderful though, despite many people saying it was a disappointment. but i agree, it's impossible to live up to suchhh high expectations!
    absolutely lovely photos ♥

  2. hey katherine :)
    There's a happy award for you at my blog!
    love love love
    cait xoxo