I remember you, 90s. Do you remember me?

Since I'm sat here in bed with the lergy, more commonly known as the Cold, I figured how better to amuse myself than to reminisce on my teen years. This whole thinking about my age thing started the other day when someone asked me how old I was and I had to think about it. I was so confused that I had to tweet an old school friend to ask how old I was. I knew the ball park figure, but you know...meh. (And in case there may be any future confusion, on this date I am 23. Only a few months 'til 24 hits me with a sledge hammer.)

Here are some of my favourite 90s memories...

The Spice Girls. Oh yeah! Girl Power and all that jazz.

Titanic. I went to the cinema to see it twice. They didn't think I was old enough to go in so my friends mum had to vouch for the fact that I was 12. I don't think I was 12... Here comes age confusion again. That film brings me nicely to my 2 year crush on Leonardo Di Caprio...

which led to a long time crush on...

...Ben Affleck. Which lead to a crush on...many, many male movie stars. Seriously, the list is endless. Less about my old crushes now! ha

Julia Roberts was in every definitive movie of my teen years. My Best Friend's Wedding, Stepmom, Runaway Bride...All incredibly girly films. What do you expect. I'm a girl. And I think she is sooooo awesome.

Speaking of movies, I loved Clueless. I remember once saying to a friend that I thought I was a bit like Cher. My friend laughed. I never forgot that! I guess if you'd known me in high school you'd have laughed at that statement too. Deluded!!

I know there is so much more that is stored away in my head, but i'm going to need to weedle it out a bit more! 

What are your favourite teen memories?



  1. ahhhhh the 90's were great!! they're movies were great too!! like 10 things I hate about you and she's all that!

    these pics brought back great memories :)

  2. These are some of my favorite nineties things...and all of them have me reminiscing now!

  3. Oh, CupcakeSniper and I are on the same page here. Definitely 10 Things and She's All That. And really anything at all with Freddie Prinze Jr. So definitive of my teen years.

  4. ahh i'm having so many flashbacks! i miss the '90s/early 2000's :/
    some of my favorite memories were the strange yet interesting toys like Pogs & OMG Furbies O_O hahaha

  5. I will be 28 in 4 days so reminiscing on age too. You change so much between 25 and 27! I went to see Titanic 4 times at the cinema, but to be fair I was living in a small town and there wasn't much else to do!x

  6. I completely forgot what age I was during my mid-twenties as well. I know you're a little younger than me, but I still remember the same things. I was at college when the Spice Girls arrived - they were on TV constantly!

    I also have fond memories of Clueless (from last week - it's one of my all time faves and I still watch it when I need a little bit of Cher Cheer!)

  7. OH MY GOSHHH, Titanic! I went to see it with my best friend and our moms, how incredibly embarrassing! but I still think its a great movie. oh leo, how cute you were back then. :)

  8. This post had me smiling the ENTIRE way through. And btw - I saw Titanic FIVE times in the theatre...truly a commitment. Had the most INSANE crush on Leo and was quite convinced I should marry him. And I still watch Clueless when I need a really girly moment.  Thanks for the share!

  9. The Spice Girls were incredible! A friend and I were actually watching some of their music clips on youtube recently!


    P.S thanks for coming to visit my blog too!