Fashion Forward: Playing dress up.

Polyvore got me distracted me a little this morning. Ok. So it distracted me a lot, but even after looking through tons of trends there was only one type of item that vaguely interested me. Dresses.

Do you ever find that you end up focusing on one specific thing and end up having multiple dresses/leggings/jeans/ t shirts? For the longest time mine has been jeans. I could live in them....I do live in them! But I feel a change coming on. Now, I am not a dress girl, I rarely wear skirts or dresses and frankly, I'm just more comfortable in trousers.


Spring has jumped upon me and suddenly all I want in my wardrobe are cute, girly dresses. Am I having a quarter life crisis?! Will I be eating my words in a few months time when I have a collection of clothes I will never wear again? Probably. Until then here are my picks for today's Fashion Forward.

playing dress up.

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  1. Now, I'm a dress and skirt girl - in the main. I love them. (Particularly that blue one you've chosen.) It's a fairly recent change though, as a student I lived in my jeans. I wonder if it is an age thing? There's obviously no hope for you x

  2. I'm a skirt girl now...and come spring probably a dress girl. It's a seasonal thing for me, too.

  3. I am loving all the new spring dresses and skirts they are so cute