Fashion Forward: I know you're following me.

This past few weeks i've jumped into a swimming pool of fashion mags and swum around for a bit and in nearly all of them has been one particular dress (yes, I know, dresses AGAIN!) Has the designer paid for all this publicity? She must be making the big bucks to pay for so much.

The first time I saw it I browsed past and thought to myself  "Hmm, that's quite nice." and then when I flicked through Elle it was there once more, waving it's pretty drapery at me. Since then I've seen it all over the place, in my dreams, the reflection of shop windows, it's even floated past my bedroom window on several occasions. Is this girl crazy? I hear the cries coming from the blogosphere already. Yes, yes I am. This dress is haunting me; following me from place to place, flaunting itself at me on the pages of magazines. Of course an important question remains...

Would I ever actually wear it?
Erm, probably not. Maybe if I was a high flyer working in London and I had glamourous parties every night of the week. But I don't. I live in a small town surrounded by countryside in a part of the UK known for its tractors, cows and clotted cream. My car is constantly covered in mud and my jeans drag along in the rain. If I wore this dress people would point and stare and not in the good way!

I think the thing that grabs me is the grey bit. I'm not known for my love of peachy tones because it doesn't exist, I avoid them quite often. So technically I suppose we should agree that I only like half the dress, because I already know that the other half won't suit me. And I guess it leads me to what that important question should really be...

...I think we know the answer to that one.


I guess... if I had just one more question...

Does it come in any other colours?



  1. My jeans almost always drag along too. Do you have the same problem I do? Short jeans are usually far too short but normal length are just too darn long? Dresses are one way to combat this problem, and one I turn to often in the warmer months!

    This dress is very very cute. If I were more of a party-goer, I'd definitely be on the hunt for something very similar.

  2. Oh, my glorious co-host! You really make me smile! How on earth do your jeans drag along in the mud? I thought you were of supermodel height, damn you! I'm always stepping on the back of mine, so I continually have trailing hems and stringy bits of denim hanging on for dear life.

    Ah, the reality of our situations does not in anyway reflect our true status! *sigh*

  3. WOULD I WEAR IT? YES YES YES...If it came in my
    COULD I AFFORD IT?....................................................................................LOL

  4. so fashion it!

  5. That is a pretty dress to be followed by. I like the image you paint of your locale. But I have one question, what color are the tractors? Friends don't let friends drive green tractors. Thats a little International Harvester joke.

  6. Lovely! =)


  7. The grey half is good. Just the grey half by itself is not necessarily a good look though. Two grey halves, one on each side?