Alert, Alert. There is an award on the loose.

Yay! My first blog award :D Thank you to Laura over at Big City, Big Dreams, who put me in her list of inspirational bloggers <3 And that's who this award is for, the internet friends and bloggers who inspire you to keep doing what you're doing and also to do what you're not doing. Here are a few of mine...

1. Clair @ Obstinate Pursuit -for keeping me going.
2. Gemma @ Somewhere South of Heaven / The Literary Project -for pure writing awesomeness.
3. Courtney @ Green and Pretty - for featuring the most inspiring artists :D
4. Sara @ MzSaraJane- for living in a radio studio for 25 hours for charity...seriously...I kid you not.
5. Helena @ Paper Clouds and Knitted Grass - for inspiring words. Always.
6. Kate @ Kate's Irrelevant - for speaking her mind and being a jolly good read.
7. Sarah @ Words for Thought - for giving blogging a go. She's brand new, go say hi!
8. Laura @ Big City, Big Dreams - for being super sweet and encouraging.

To accept you must:
1. Post the logo on your lovely blog.
2. Pass it on to 12 inspirational bloggers.
3. Link the beautiful bloggers in your post & make sure to let them know!

See you tomorrow, Kittens.


PS. Awardees: I won't be offended if you don't repost the award on your blog. It's just for fun :)


  1. oh you are an absolute darling
    i must must must get back to my blog
    you always inspire me so much
    many wonderful dreams dear

  2. Thanks so much for the thoughy my lovely. I'm so glad we're blogging besties x

  3. Thank you sooo much!
    I will blog about this later -- I don't really have time right now!


  4. Aw, Katherine! Thank you so much. You are such an inspiring blogger to me - always so crafty and clever, and coming up with the most adorable posts.

  5. Ooooh i only just got your comment, how exciting, THANK YOU :) I'm linking you right back! ♥