Fashion Forward: The picnic

Spriiiiiiing! Can you tell i'm more than a little excited that blue skies will become more frequent? I can't wait for the extra little pep of warmth from the sun...or not...whatever. I'm just pleased that Winter is going, finally. Which means that I can go on picnics. I love going on a lovely drive with the windows down and finding a nice spot to lay out the blanket.
Florals are waaaaay in at the moment so I figured why not bring back straw hats and wicker picnic baskets with it. This is such a girlie look and actually it's so thing i'd have to plan out. I'm not THAT girl who throws on a great outfit. I fell in love with the cute tunic dress which would look great over leggings and over a pair of favourite jeans (or on it's on if you're feeling brave!) and the shoes are gorgeous too. I couldn't quite tell if they were women's sandals or made for little girlies, but even if they are not made for big old feet like ours, someone should. 

Reading British ELLE this week, it was full of florals, utility and denim. It kinda reminded me of the 90s, in a good way. BTW does anyone remember the show 'Clarissa Explains It All'? Oh yes. I loved it! I used to sit on the stairs and pretend I was talking to a camera about my family. No wonder my family think i'm odd.

Clair's hosting next month!!!


  1. I agree, that tunic is especially cute. Yes the skies are getting clearer...ahhh!

  2. I'm still in Winter's mode, but really looking forward to Spring!
    It's raining a lot here and I can't wait to get my hands on those lovely little Spring dresses :)
    Love the picnic basket style too!

  3. I love that dress/tunic! Love it.

  4. I LOVE this outfit. And now I really really want to go on a picnic. And we're supposed to have a week of on-and-off snow. Darn it! But seriously, I can't wait till I can wear something like this.

    I loved Clarissa Explains It All! I really used to think that she was the coolest girl ever. Oh how I wish they'd show reruns of that show.

  5. Ooooh, I read the title and had an image in my head before scrolling down to look at your outfit and, well, we must be in sync or something. It's perfectly pretty for a picnic! I suggest that we spend a weekend in London trawling shops that don't smell of cat pee and then head on over to Richmond Park to picnic in the sunshine. When are you free? x

    PS I have dinky Size 4 feet (something about me is small!) so I'm bagging those sandals even if they're for kids :)

  6. PPS. Thanks for linking me up x

  7. Ooh, now which bit do I likey the mostest? All of it of course - with maybe the eats most of all ;-)

  8. So pretty! I cannot wait for picnic season either. Those stuff little choco cookies are looking REALLY good.