Fashion Forward: Just as I am.

I wracked my brains to come up with a good post for this week and it kind of dawned on me that I was looking at trends that just aren't me and that i'd never wear. This is the real world after all. So here are my picks for this week, a little later than usual, but they are purely me.


Items in this set:
Adriana Plaid Tunic, $9.99
Faux Suede Moccasins, $90
Butterfly Pendant, $1,750
Lunar Sunglasses, 25 GBP
Monsoon Accessorize - Hippy Daisy Flower Bando, 8 GBP

I'm so excited that it's coming up to Spring. It means that Summer is nearly upon us and soon we can galavant about in the warm (or the cold, here in Britain). My picks are more of a summer vibe and I really think (hope) that the bohemian look is big this summer...or actually no I don't cos I want to look awesome while everyone else walks around looking like a clone! My fave out of all the things I picked this week is the sunflower headband...and the butterfly wing necklace. I looooooovvvvve butterflies, always been drawn to them, always will!

Sorry it's a bit later than usual :) My mister turned up unexpectedly last night to surprise me for Valentines. He is just so sweet <3 Anyway... Pop your FF post in the box below! Oh and don't forget to  comment and link back here in your post :)

Love you, my little jelly tots.



  1. love the butterfly pendant. ah, spring. it'll show up, eventually! we're mired in snow, again! beautiful post.

  2. i lovee the plaid tunic and the necklace
    infact who am i kidding i love it all dear
    hope you are well
    love helena

  3. Cute cute! Love the shoes! Believe it or not I am tired of seeing everyone in the plaid here in the US and that has deterred me from buying one of these tunics, but I really like this one and the color. You are making me rethink the plaid tunics now! ;)

  4. Aw, very cute, Katherine! The necklace and headband are just perfect. I think it's great that you chose clothes that are very much you. That's the most important thing in fashion, isn't it?

  5. There's nothing more stylish than being yourself! Glad you had a nice surprise for Valentine's Day. You deserve it x

    PS Love the hippie flower band. Yum.

  6. Glad you had a happy Valentine's xx

    That tunic could so be me too... Especially at that great price! :-)