Fashion Forward: Because...I likey :)

This post will self destruct as soon as you have finished with it.

Ok. I admit it, i'm not really a spy, not do I particularly want to be one or dress like one, but I think this skirt is so awesome. So without further ado here is said skirt...


It's pretty. It's red. It has huuuuge buttons on. There is nothing about this skirt that I don't love. However, I get the feeling that if a spy wore it, she would not be a very good spy as she'd most probably be spotted straight away. According to Vogue's spring/summer 2010 review, skirts are going to be big this season and when I say big I mean miniscule. The hemlines are raising, girls! I know, know. Can they get any shorter? Apparently so.  (Although looking at their trend summary it seems like they think everything is in. Floaty, tailored, plain and prints.)

You know the drill. Box. Link. Comment. Fun. <3



  1. Red is one of my favorite colors and the skirt is lovely, but what I find really sexy in the set is the raincoat! Love that spy look :)
    Oh, and the lovely vintage shoes, of course... they're gorgeous and with totally wearable heels :)

  2. hey love ur blog.. you wanna share links?

  3. I've long had a love of Nancy Drew/Agent 99 inspired fashion - particularly trenc coats - and what better way to avoid notice than by sticking out in a bright colour. No-one would ever suspect! x

  4. Harriet the spy was my idol as a kid. I wrote down everything in a notebook and was sure I was stealth in my gathering of information. It was fun. Would still be fun in a great skirt like this one, and a classic trench.

  5. I love this. That skirt is absolutely adorable and the color is so sexy! I was hoping they would increase the length of the very short skirts that are out now, because they are just too short for me to wear, humph! :(

    By the way I don't see the linky box, is it working or am I just blind?

  6. Wow, I am usually not a red person but I really love that skirt! This is such a pretty, classic look. So nice.

  7. Linked up Courtney and Cindy. Wonder if Mr Linky was having a little 'on the side' action. How rude! x

  8. Aha, a clever double bluff - people notice the skirt so they don't notice the face, thus protecting the spy's true identity :-)

    (I'd tell you all about my life as a secret agent but I'd then have to kill you and I'd really rather not....)