the sea and I.

If there were just one word to sum up yesterday it would be cold fun. Okay so that's two words, and two that most of us wouldn't put together very often. But yesterday...I drove a six hour round trip to go bodyboarding. Oh yes. It was f-f-freezing. 

on the road

campervan <3
(that is not my beer people who litter!  :( there was a whole pile just out of shot that I put in the bin.)

there may be a phone cable under this pole...



and when we got home...

it was snowing :D

 The sea was colder than expected and although my wetsuit kept me reasonably warm, I had to borrow a large wetsuit sock to keep my left foot from dropping off. What i didn't notice was the large hole in the bottom of it, so each time a wave came in I got a nice rush of cold water up my left leg! My toes were numb by the time I went back in! It was so much fun once I was in. There's always that 10 minutes before you get your wetsuit on, where you look at the sea and dwell on the coldness of it. The only reason I went in was because I'd told everyone I was going to; if it weren't for you guys on Twitter i'd have bottled it :) I love that I can share these crazy things I do as it's happening, so if you're on Twitter, follow me! 

Ferry to France tomorrow. Me + boats = ...not good!



  1. Sometimes I think you just have to do something that reminds you you're alive! It looks beautiful out there!

    Have a great trip to France lovely. My stomach and I give you our sympathy for the crossing x

  2. Looks like a very exciting time! Have a safe and happy ferry ride to France.

  3. Great post!! Loved the are so much braver than me...I can't even take a lukewarm shower...haha!
    I'm not good on boats either...they make my head spin...I did find this stuff though at a pharmacy called is dramamine without the part that knocks you out :)

  4. I tell you what - it's sums up today as well !!!

  5. I love it! Go you! Love your pics and adventures!

  6. Brrrrrrr!! I'll believe you about the cold fun, just looking at those pics makes me shiver though!

  7. Brrrrrrrrr *teeth chatter*, you are a brave, brave woman. I shall open up this post again to cool off when our next heatwave hits.

  8. Holy cold, Batwoman! Have fun on the ferry.