the perils of buying first, thinking later.

uh oh...

i got a bit shop happy with my Christmas money...

is it awfully terrible of me?

i feel a bit guilty as i know i probably should have spent the money on something a tad more sensible, but it was given to me to get myself a pressie! eek, i love it already.

Speaking of love, Le Kitty surprised me earlier with a long meow...i have no idea how long he'd been sitting next to me, staring at my attempts to set up email on my phone (EMAIL!!!!!!!!ON A PHONE!!!!!). He's now attached himself to my lap. Le Kitty is tres sweet, although when I came back the other day, I found him doing this to my knitting needles...

I'm driving to see my Mr tomorrow so I won't see Le Kitty for a long while :( Hopefully my Aunt will bring him to see me one day.



  1. your le kitty can't be cuter:)

    She's doing something very funny!

  2. AWWW! Le Kitty is adorable!! He was snacking on your knitting needles!! I love cats so much! I'm adopting an orange tabby cat next week! That is a really awesome phone!!

  3. Looks like le kitty is feeling much better. Cuteness :)