Fashion Forward: Dear Santa #3

I don't think i've said it enough...

i <3 pyjamas.

Seriously. It's an obsession.

So, Santa, if you happen to be secretly following my blog, please could you bring me a pair of ultra comfy, ultra warm PJs so i can be a big old slouch and read, tweet and blog in supreme comfort. I promise i will be good for the entire duration of next year and i will even leave you a pint of lager on the mantlepiece (i know that you don't really like sherry very much).

I'm really fussy about my pyjamas. I like the shirt and trouser variety, none of this shorts and ridy-up strappy top nonsense. Give me full on "pyjama" pyjamas any day of the week.

Items in this set:
Womens aerie cozy pj pant - Yellow, $25
Women: Women's Button-Front Jersey Henleys - Mellow Yellow, $15
Women: Women's Sweater-Knit Slipper Socks - Heather Gray, $13
toast | wrist warmers, 22 GBP
Crate Paper Lillian-Delight Die Cut Paper: Scrapbooking Paper &..., $1.03

Spot the colour of the Fashion Forward year!

If you fancy joining in and sharing your Fashion picks this week, pop the link to your post in le box below and leave a comment to say you dropped by. We have lots of fun so even if you're not joining in, stop by some of the poster's blogs and let us know what you think :)



  1. ooooh I <3 pyjamas too! they look so cozy and warm and I adore those slipper socks!

    We always get new pyjamas on xmas eve. I can't wait :-)

  2. Pajama's are on my wish list too - there's something really comforting about pajamas! :)

  3. I almost bought those slippers for myself and my 9 year old daughter Rose online the other day and it ended up that they didn't have either of our sizes. I REALLY wanted them in red. I ended up getting a pair of really similar Muk-Luks yesterday...charcoal though, not red. I got Rose hot pink though. Score.

  4. People would be SHOCKED at how many pairs of PJ pants I own. Seriously, it's a problem. And I have Old Gravy to blame!!

  5. ahhhh PJ's. It is amazing that you can get away with wearing them out of the house when you're at college. I've only done it once and that was to go grab some food during a snow storm. Man that was fun!!!

  6. I absolutely love that yellow! Come to think of it, the majority of my pj pants are some shade of yellow. It's such a cozy color. I really love the slipper socks too.

  7. Great picks! Love the sunny yellow