Fashion Forward: There are no words

I really can't count how long it's been since i last went out for a night and dressed up for it. I mean, when i usually go out i get glammed up, but i don't get out my best dress unless it's a really special occasion. And boy has it been about 50 years since my party frock was let out of my wardrobe! I sooooooo want to go out and partay  :D

*faint* can i just wear this while i do the washing up? Love it <3

Hop on over to Clair's blog to join in this week's FF. Now i'm off to have a looksy at this Monday's picks, can't wait.


EDIT: duh...i can't spell today :(


  1. I just about love that dress, though I'm fairly certain that my legs wouldn't stand up to any close scrutiny in it! I could do with an excuse to glam up too - shall we organise a partay?

    Hope you had a good time in London. Talk to you properly when you're less pooped x

  2. It is a lovely dress! My friend and I are considering dressing up in full prom regalia then sitting in to watch movies. You know, just so we get to wear the dresses.

  3. That certainly is a glamorous dress! I really like it, and I'm sure you pull it off quite well.

  4. Wow, what a dress! With the right accessories you could do anything in that dress!

  5. Wowee!! I want that dress!! And then I want an occasion to wear it!! (But I'm not washing up, even in that dress....)

  6. I love that dress so...

    Have a great night


  7. This dress is gorgeous! Love it!!!