I feel VERY piratey. These past few days i've spent quite a bit of time at Charlestown harbour where there you can see several tall ships docked. It  really is quite inspiring to be there, luckily enough for me that i only live up the road! I was such a lucky teenager... the harbour was has been used as a location for several films including the recent version of Man in the Iron Mask (oh take me back to the days of my crush on Leo DiCaprio!) and Pirates of the Caribbean (*faint*).

message in a bottle...(it says you can use it for marriage proposals *hint hint*)

In other news. I'm heading up country a bit to see some family and i'm taking my Christmas knitting with me. I completely underestimated how long it would take to make everything i wanted to make. I should have finished gift number one by the end of today so i'll try and take pictures and post it so you can see what i'm up to.

Yoho my hearties!


PS. drop by Gemma's new blog to read a great interview with writer Dan Abnett.


  1. lovely idea for marriage proposal!

  2. You would make a gorgeous pirate ;)

  3. Is that you up there? Love the stripey dress - and the obligatory tall ship accessory. It's very now dahling! Mwah x

  4. btw. i saw a cupcake pirate and thought of you :D

    and I'm really glad that you were able to see that video right when you needed! Follow your dreams! You can reach any goal you want to! :D

  5. Aww I love pirates! The pirate panda is adorable! I just discovered your blog and love it!!

  6. what a great proposal that would be!!
    i hope you have a good christmas up the country
    i'm planning to learn to knit for christmas
    thats my present to myself :)