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My friends, I am going back to the writing desk. I've shunned all my work for a little while and i think it's about time i went back and gave it another go.

And you know who's really helping? Britney Spears. Yus...Britney is helping me get my writing mojo back. Her greatest hits are blasting from the stereo and i am proud to say i've been shaking my thing to her music; now i feel all confident and ready to face the world again. Isn't it funny how music can affect you?

It suddenly dawned on me the other day that i'd missed the start of NaNoWriMo :( oh no! I wanted to join in so bad...obviously not that badly else i wouldn't have missed the beginning. Hmmm this whole self confidence thing is seriously annoying. Must keep it in check before i retire from writing before i've even started.

Here are some awesome rules for writing as suggested by my favourite author, George Orwell.

Also on my mind today...

...all those who gave their lives for their country.



  1. I'll toast to that.

    Katherine, have you been visiting inside my head today?? I was just telling a friend last night that I wasn't sure I wanted to write anymore. CLEARLY I need to be listening to a lot less Bon Iver and a lot more Britney.

  2. I'm in the habit of playing pop music whenever I need a pick-me-up. Sometimes my boyfriend laughs at my choices, but sometimes Lady Gaga & co. are just what I need. I'm glad you're going back to your writing - Good luck!

  3. If I had that lovely typewriter, I would be a great writer. I would indeed. With or without Britney :-)

    Looking forward to reading more of you x

  4. When you lose your writing mojo, the first thing to do is write for yourself. If you don't enjoy it, then no one else will. It doesn't matter if it never sees the light of day, not really, because once you're back in the habit of writing, the real diamonds will start to come out.

    You can do it, Love. But you have to actually start.

  5. I second Gem. Just start writing. It doesn't matter if it starts off badly, it'll get easier (and better) the more you do. I used to struggle with the first sentence of my blog posts for goodness sakes! Now I can prattle on with the best of them :)

    And by best, I mean you x

  6. good luck with the writing can't wait to see what you come up :)

    Have a great evening


  7. this post made me smile! I too have been inspired to write lately but my mojo hasn't been very cooperative. Maybe listening to some Britney and following "the rules" will help!