we heart it: top 9

boy do i love this site a ton! Here are my 9 favourite pictures on weheartit.com

1. an extra special love note

2. paper art

3. starry starry nights

4. sometimes i feel like not doing this

5. taylor swift...she's just me, but blonde, younger and a more musical mind. At least that's what i like to tell myself.

6. this dress is just the cutest and don't tell me you don't want a thimble/ metal acorn hat!

7. Courtney's made some and now i must have some! (with jam!)

8. for Clair...cloche cloche cloche!

9. oh so sad, but oh so vintage

Had quite relaxing day today, doing nothing but tweet on twitter and scouting around for pretty pictures. I did some finger knitting too! Planning on making a little tutorial for you all. It's easy to pick up and not as tricky as using the old pointy sticks. Yay!

Hope you all had a fab-u-lous day <3


PS i will credit the pics tomorrow...i'm sleepy :)


  1. The girl thinking inside the box has an adorable dress... <3

  2. Oh! A cloche and a camera. I <3 you!!! x

    That 'Thinking Inside The Box' is one of my Flickr Faves - that photographer is awesome :)

  3. sweet pics. I like the vintage sad girl and also Taylor Swift because she is so POP!

  4. love the paper art and Taylor Swift <3

  5. I also love Taylor Swift and demand that we turn up her songs all the time on the radio (much to my bf's dismay). Scones are delish, you should definitely get some for yourself!