Fashion Forward: i like strolling in my oxfords...if i had a pair

Yay! It's Fashion Forward Monday!

I want a pair of oxfords so badly. I can just imagine myself schlepping across the city with these on my feet and the satchel slung around me. The sweater dress is gloriously oversized (and overpriced at $890!!!) and matched with my current comfort fave, leggings, it's perfect for shopping, studying, lazing and everything else under the sun! Boy, i can't stop looking at those shoes, they're perfect and flat, which solves my height issue with heels.
Strolling in Oxford

Perfectly quirky without over doing it.

My FF co-host, Clair, will be hosting next month's Fashion Forward so pop over to Obstinate Pursuit next Monday to join in our little fashion escapades!  She'll also be picking one fashion forwarder from October to receive a special treat. You've still got time to get in on the act, just pop your link in the box below and leave a comment.

:) Let the fun begin!


  1. Adore the outfit, love, but, um, HOW MUCH!?!?!?!?

  2. You have to dream and this is where it's allowed!

  3. A pair of oxfords ranks high on my must-find list right now. I'm searching for the perfect pair that is sort of masculine, but won't look like I'm in drag. I think you may have found them!

  4. Who needs to pay rent when you could cozy up in that beautiful sweater?? I'm usually a bit hesitant when it comes to oxfords because I never think they look right on my feet - but those are really cute!

  5. Luvverly sweater dress (*ulp*!) I like the idea of putting together an 'in my dreams' collection some time, but for today I've gone a bit more realistic lol :-)

    PS Will we get a pic of the new haircut???

  6. I love that outfit! And I bought some pointy oxfords the other day (who knew they could have a size 10 in a vintage shoe?)but they are made more for summer. I still wear them, though.

  7. Great set! Loving the new hair as well!

  8. lovely outfit for the winter season :)
    with the oxford shoes plus the postman bag! I love it all, makes me warm when see it..
    great choice FF!