tonight my mind wants to tell a story...

...and this is where I would love to write it. How cute!

I haven't written a story for a little while, so i've been spending time gathering inspiration for all the pieces that have yet to be freed from the inner workings of my fuzzy little head and now they are ready to be put to paper. Right now i'm about to start work on a screen play based on an idea that my Mr and i have been ping ponging back and forth for 6 months or so. I'm taking a trip back to days when Sunday afternoons were spent watching old movies and television drama's that marked the start of Autumn and wild imagination. Ooooo it makes me feel all cosy inside just thinking about it :) This may explain why i've been obsessed with fairytales lately... i can't help it!

What will you be doing tonight? (Please leave a comment. I love hearing what you guys are getting up to or what you think!)

Oh and does anyone else write????




  1. heyy thanks for following the blog :)

    i write too...very rarely, but when i can! x

  2. Um...tonight, I've been making cute bracelets and watching Ugly Betty on 4od. (Oh and just the words 'wild imagination' made me think of The Dreamstone, remember that? Loved the theme tune.)

    Have a good weekend Mrs x

  3. When Le Artiste was still a wee babe I began to write. I became a little writing machine, seven chapters in and then I hit a snag. I lost my writing mojo, then along came Petal, and I haven't quite been able to pick up the threads. But one day I'm sure I will, in the meantime I'm having a lovely time playing with pens and paints again.

  4. Katherine,
    Your blog is just so wonderful!! The pictures are AMAZING and I am also obsessed with fairy tales, so we can day dream together!!
    Well, since tonight is already over and bedtime is calling I tell you what I did... hubs and I watched Flash Forward on DVR and I crocheted granny squares while grimacing at the pile of folded and unfolded clothes in the floor! How fun, right?
    I'd like to let you know about a give-a-way I am having on my blog, too. Please go check it out!! :D

  5. Thanks for following my blog :)

    I dabble in the writing, mostly poems since I kinda have a short attention span :)

  6. Thanks for the follow!
    Definitely get started on that screen play though :) I'm a writer myself (or at least, I try :P), and I have had an idea for a screen play about a book I love for a long time, and they actually just made a movie about it and ruined it, So get on that! :)

  7. wow a screen play
    i wish i had someone to pingpong ideas back and forth with
    instead i battle with my own head
    i'd love to see some of your writing
    i love writing all the time no matter how rubbish it is
    just lets me keep living in this dream bubble i've created around myself
    i suppose i'll have to pop it at some point
    maybe i'm suffering from fairytale syndrome aswell

    have a lovely day

  8. Oh, I'd love to nestle into that cozy space and write something! I don't do much writing anymore, but have been thinking about starting again. Gorgeous photo!