Post illness blogging feels sooo good :)

I'm back, did you miss me? While I await a phone call that will announce my employed/ unemployed status, here are some things that are stealing my attention...

1. This braid is so simple yet it oozes potential for... yep, you guessed it! Head bands! It's so pretty; I really want to get a little jewel to dangle at the centre of the forehead so it looks all princessey.

2. Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

3.Polyvore! I discovered this through Clair, who is just wonderful!

earthly paradise
earthly paradise by ...ioanna(on holidays)... featuring Dorothy Perkins

I love the tunic. It feeds my latest obsession...umbrellas <3

I'm working on a huge midnight blue cowl that will keep me warm in the winter evenings. Oooo cosy :D



  1. Okay, so many things to say - love that Polyvore - cute, cute. Thanks for the mention in dispatches! And, any news? x

  2. You are super pretty and your blog is great! Very adorable! The polyvore outfit is perfect!