The ice cowl cometh...

Yey, Mr is home and my cowl is coming along nicely! It's currently about 40cm long and i'm knitting on straight sticks...yet again another project that requires a circular needle. Why are all the fun things to knit circular?! Suggestions for flat knitting projects are being taken below.

Oh my goodness I can not wait to finish the cowl and sew some vintage buttons on. I'm looking forward to spending an entire day picking through my vast collection and selecting the very sweetest ones.

The books in the background of the last photo are two that I'm currently reading and one that I carry every where with me.

1. I Am A Cat by Soseki Natsume- A series of stories written from the perspective of a's Japanese, okay!

2. Half A Yellow Sun by Chimanda Ngozi Adichie- Can't finish reading it as I know that one of the characters I love is going to end up dying or something equally as awful. I just can't bring myself to pick up the last chapter. I don't want it to end.

3. The Writers Yearbook- Ah my love, my friend! Was gutted when I split hot chocolate over it a few weeks back :(

Stay happy, my little bunny rabbits.


P.S I'm completely smitten with the photo of the balls of yarn...

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