I completely forgot about Ysolda's patterns (how, I don't know!), but I've just gone back to using an old web browser and I came across these, stashed away in my favourites. Any way you can buy them at the link above and there are some sweet free ones to have a go at. My knitting is currently on hold...I've run out of yarn. How do I always seem to manage this? I must be terrible at gauging how much I will need. Ah well, my big, snuggly cowl will have to wait.

Everyone seems to be saying they're ready for Autumn, but I'm ready for Winter! Bring on the hot cocoa and mittens...


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  1. I know we've covered this at my place, but Freecycle is the best. I just asked if anyone had some unwanted craft materials and scored all of my yarn (from someone who used to have a knitting machine) and some jewellery components. Oh and my polaroid! Yeah baby :)