Oh dearest Etsy, you please me so

My email inbox has been full of junk and old emails that I never delete, so yesterday I had a de-clutter. Just as I was despairing and honestly believing that soon I would be swallowed up by the vastness of my inbox, I came across the latest 'etsy finds' update that had obviously snuck past my avid checking of "who's rejecting me for a job today". I saw it...and it was good :D

It's full of head bands (which in case you haven't noticed are my current obsession); beautiful, statement necklaces and cute bags. An owl messenger bag has caught my eye and one of these days, when some one sees fit to employ me, I shall have it and it shall have me.

Forever and ever. Amen.


Update: It sold out... :(


  1. Ironically, given my 'looking for a new job' post - I'm actually an employment coach. If it would help to have a chat (or someone look over an application or cv) do drop me a line. No charge for lovely blogging friends x